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Career PowerUP: Revolutionizing Career Services for White Collar Professionals Amid Job Market Challenges

May 21, 2024 — Career PowerUP, previously known as RemoteWork Source, is thrilled to announce its rebranding and expanded services designed to support white-collar professionals and executives navigating today’s challenging job market. Launched in 1999, Career PowerUP has consistently delivered innovative career solutions, and the rebrand marks a significant step forward in addressing the unique challenges faced by today’s white-collar job seekers.

The current job market has created a significant roadblock for white-collar professionals and executives alike. Simply relying on degrees, experience, traditional resumes, and a LinkedIn profile is no longer working. Recognizing this, Career PowerUP developed a comprehensive suite of services aimed at empowering job seekers to stand out and achieve their career goals. Career PowerUP’s goal is to “empower job seekers at a time when mass layoffs have left professionals feeling like they have lost control in this white-collar recession,” explains Founder and Director of Career Services, Pamela La Gioia.

Key Offerings:

  • Personalized Career Packages: Tailored resumes that highlight problem-solving skills and Individual Value Propositions, which are designed to attract target companies.
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profiles: Keyword optimized pages that increase candidates’ rankings in recruiters’ searches, and fully branded profiles that position clients as experts in their fields.
  • Online Portfolios: Professionally designed, co-branded Webfolios that reflect the client’s personal brand and showcase their work and personality.
  • Mock Interview Services: Preparatory sessions to help candidates master today’s most difficult interview questions and improve their communication skills and confidence.
  • Career Coaching: Focused on upskilling, reskilling, and goal realization to help clients advance in their careers and command a higher salary.

“Today’s job seekers must go beyond conventional methods to secure their dream jobs,” explains La Gioia. “Our own rebranding to Career PowerUP reflects our continued commitment to providing the tools and strategies necessary for professionals to thrive in a competitive job market.”

Career PowerUP’s services are designed to deliver a strategic career transformation, making sure that each client is well-prepared and positioned for success. The company’s holistic approach ensures that professionals are not seen as job seekers seeking employment; but are perceived as industry leaders and experts in high demand.

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About Career PowerUP:

Founded in 1999 as one of the web’s pioneers in helping job seekers find remote work, Career PowerUP provides innovative career services for white-collar professionals and executives. With a focus on personalized branding and professional development, Career PowerUP empowers clients to navigate and succeed in today’s competitive job market.